Flagler First Condos

A New Vision for the 21st Century

Sergio Rok is one of South Florida’s most successful entrepreneurs. As head of the innovative firm Rok Enterprises, he is developing the exciting Flagler First Condominiums project that has transformed the former home of Miami’s historic financial institution, the original First National Bank. This project is just one of many Rok has undertaken to revitalize the core of a city with so much promise. As a major downtown property owner and active member of the Downtown Development Authority, Rok is a strong supporter of efforts to create a fresh mix of residential and business activity that will capture the potential allure the city center has for residents world-wide.

Sergio Rok’s vision of Miami’s progressive future began early, when he observed the impact his late father Natan had on a forgotten Flagler Street. Natan Rok catered to tourists in the 1960s, bought buildings and launched new businesses. He left a legacy of integrity and trust that Rok Enterprises carries on as it pursues opportunities in today’s multicultural marketplace.

Sergio Rok has an instinctive feel for the way Miami’s past propels its future, and he brings a new vision of tomorrow for America’s gateway city. Flagler First Condominiums is one of the important steps in transforming this vision to reality.